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Landscape Architecture | Site Planning | Project Management


For over 38 years, VMP has been synonymous with innovative, timeless, and organized design. We utilize modern resources, relevant training, current technology, and clear communication to achieve quality work. We currently undertake planning and design of site-work and landscape components for over $100-million in capital construction projects annually.

Landscape Architecture & Environmental Design

With Landscape Architecture, the spotlight is on the stewardship of the built and natural environments germane to the project location and client needs. Identification of project opportunities and contraints starts early on to ensure a positive outcome.

In addition to site selection, we perform landscape and survey analysis to form a strong understanding of the local ecology, hydrology, and infrastructure. This shapes the path to an environmentally resilient, and functional design.


Urban Design & Site Development

Establishing a sense of place and unity between nature and structure is Urban Design. Understanding the neighborhood context of a project is often the main step in this work. 

Methodology that blends practical thought with innovative technique shapes a physical place and setting of any project. Project types include urban revitalization, campus planning, sport and recreation facilities, streetscape and waterfront design, regional planning, greenway and park mapping. 

Above ground focus is on streets, walkways, building location, lot size, set-back distances, street trees, and on site amenities. However, the matrix of underground services is must also be considered.

We apply relevant, up-to-date modeling technologies to help bring together the site in relation to neighboring properties and streets. In addition, we work diligently to create detailed site layout and coordination drawings and supporting documents that have consideration for work from other disciplines. Contract associates include Architects, Environmental Designers, and Engineers.